About Us

Our Vision

To exist as a standard of excellence in residential remodel spaces

Brian Rose | President

Our Story

In February of 2001, Watermark Builders was born.  We launched as a small company with high standards into the crowded Bay Area residential remodeling space.  Our focus was to deliver a high-touch, high-quality, remodel experience to everyday homeowners.  Initially partnering with a national supply and design company, we set ourselves apart by providing higher-end results with mid-level finishes, using detail oriented approaches.  This paired well with our unique problem solving and custom work capabilities.  It didn’t take long till both clients and industry requested Watermark by name to solve and service challenging projects.  We doubled-down on our commitment to quality and service, growing our portfolio, as those who competed on low-cost and speed, closed their doors.  

As our project portfolio grew we noticed that some clients identified and related to our way of business at a very deep level. These clients were appreciative of the care and personal attention that was brought to their project each and every day. They were excited to be a part of the planning and building processes and felt like they were active participants in the outcome of their home projects. They felt like the folks who were transforming their homes had become like family  – their words, not ours.  

These types of comments and experiences helped reaffirm that service has the ability to elevate and enrich a residential construction project to the benefit of all involved.  

We were a team of excited, talented tradespeople, partnering with homeowners to transform their spaces, leaving behind both excellent projects as well as excellent experiences.

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of our clients, employees, and community through the construction of exceptional projects.

Watermark Today

Today, our focus centers on the three core principles of our company: 
Integrity · Service · Quality

We are excited to partner with clients who appreciate the details and are committed to the disciplines of planning and communication. These folks are the ones who value taking the time to get it right, giving us the opportunity to make their projects shine. 

In addition to building for our clients, we find ourselves equally passionate about building for our employees. Today, and more than ever, our goal is to maintain a thriving environment that both enriches and retains high caliber people, whose passion lies in the residential building trades. Our team provides lasting results and an outstanding construction experience for our clients. Our projects provide access to the type of work that fuels our team, providing a deep satisfaction that is often far more than just a “job.”

The combination of experience, exceptional people, and principled direction is what makes Watermark who we are today. With a little more than two decades behind us, we start the planning of each new project with a keen and resolute eye ever committed to our core principles.

We take great pride in our long list of satisfied clients and are excited by the challenging and interesting projects they bring us. We would love to make your upcoming project part of our history.